Happiness Project

The Happiness Project was a field research project done in the Summer of 2016 to find out whether good design contributes to people’s happiness. The question asked was; does good design improve or contribute to someone’s happiness? Whether it is the beautiful architecture, poster design, or the design of nature; what inspires people to be happier… read more »

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a virtual cloud hosting provider that developers can use to host the software they create. In order to make use of Digital Ocean’s services, developers create Virtual Machine (VM) instances referred to as “droplets”. Digital Ocean developers are able to choose their droplets size, the geographical center their droplet runs in, and… read more »

Adobe Max

Adobe Max is an annual design conference held by Adobe Systems in cities across North America, Europe, and Japan. It is regarded as the premier conference for creatives including designers, photographers, illustrators, and developers. Adobe Max features speakers throughout the three day conference. These speakers are usually well known artists, musicians, creators, and CEOs from… read more »

Portfolio Review

This as an event open to all graphic design student at CSUN. A number of hand picked industry professional are chosen to review student portfolios on a one on one bases. Each session is limited to 15 minutes and students can choose to have as many reviews as time and availability allow. Each student is… read more »


The most terrifying week for viscom. It is a week in which you must attend panels from various topics, workshops to learn new skills some by former viscom people, travel to parts unknown and eat food lots of food. The goal to foster bonds between the team and to find a solution to a problem… read more »

Hi-Rez Event

Hi-Rez is an annual VISCOM/DesignHub exhibition taking place near the end of each Spring semester. The event spans two nights (typically a Friday and Saturday) and is a place for VISCOM designers to showcase their portfolios to potential employers, friends, and family. Food is provided and a cash bar is typically available.   Hi-Rez is split into… read more »