Internal Documents


If you don’t already know VISCOM is The Center for Visual Communication. It was established in 2007 as an on-campus “think-tank” providing creative services and solutions to on and off campus clients. Capable for Students “VISCOM provides graphic-related services to select on-campus clients and outside entities, utilizing ‘real-world’ projects to support student education, research and… read more »

with HR

When you become a core member, you will need to sign in with the Human Resources Department (if you haven’t worked on campus previously) to become a student assistant. Firstly, you’ll need to fill out two (2) documents and have them signed by Joe: You also need to bring identification when you go to… read more »

Freelance Invoice

The following contains info on how a “Freelancer” invoices VISCOM. “Freelancer” is a title given to VISCOM designers who are not a “CORE” designer and no longer a “volunteer” designer. Freelancers manage projects and clients, and can have as much responsibility as a “CORE” designer but do not report time weekly therefore they invoice VISCOM… read more »

The Hub aka – Dropbox

“TheHub” (aka Dropbox) is where all files related to projects are stored (except for video/motion and photoshoots as those are located on the “videohub”). The team is expected to store all files related to a project here this includes but is not limited to: Proposal/Work Order Assets – from client (logos, images, sketches etc.) and… read more »