Hey is not a proper salutation…

All, It has come to my attention that not all of you have had to deal with customer service or human beings in general. Doing this for awhile, the reality is most clients don’t get bothered by what I am going to address below, but there are a few that do. We are still in… read more »


YouTube can be a consistent source of information in the form of videos. When confronted with a task that which you can not complete,  these forms of assistance can be anywhere from software questions, designers giving advice, work piece references, and even entertainment to avoid producing boring pieces.


Teamwork is essential to creating successful pieces of design. Teamwork consists of many aspects; predominated by cooperation, commitment, consistency, reliability, and effort. These things can be what separate a successful project from a underachieved project. Success is what VISCOM is, and underachieved is what we avoid becoming.

Production Meeting

Every week we have a production meeting for one hour to discuss current and upcoming projects. This keeps clear communications between team members and creative director. Joe will go down the project lead list and ask each lead for an update of each project that they are in charge of. Here is the link of… read more »

Fridge Duty

In order to maintain an organized and clean fridge there will be a VISCOM member in charge of the fridge every week. First things first, if you have not signed up to do fridge duty, do so ASAP by adding your name to one of the weeks on the sheet that’s on the fridge! Fridge… read more »


Linked in is a powerful and streamline resource that helps unify industry professionals.By creating a Linked in profile, you are able to utilize VISCOM’s extensive network of creatives to grow along your career path. It is extremely important to keep your profile and resume up to date so that we may continue to provide you the successes… read more »

Answering Phones

Coming soon to a browser near you… A video tutorial on how to answer phone calls!   See script attached below: Phones Script

Proof Reading

Before printing and sending clients work it is very important to proofread the copy for grammatical and spelling errors. This prevents typos from being printed and published past the point of no return. In addition to spellcheck and grammarly you can always ask Perry Grundman for help. He’s great at looking over assignments and catching mistakes… read more »

Freelance Tax Form

To locate the the Freelance Tax Form, log on to the VISCOM HUB (Dropbox) with the correct username and password. Then once at the home screen of dropbox,  select the third file “03-viscom-docs“. Then select “VISCOM templates”  and then lastly select “Freelance Invoices“. The Freelance Tax Form is the document  titled “ap-vendor-data-record.pdf“. Fill and print out… read more »


Web-One is a web development tactic used at California State University Northridge. Web-One exists to help ensure a consistent, and intuitive presence of Cal State Northridge on the web. To ensure that consistency and ease of navigation are upheld CSUN implements guidelines and templates through Web-One. Web-One also ensures that it’s web management systems are flexible… read more »