NDA is an acronym that stands for “Non-Disclosure Agreement”. A Non-Disclosure Agreement is an agreement between to parties studio and client agree upon before a project begins. When an NDA is in place the studio agrees not to display or release any material produced for the client that the client did not use. An NDA outlines what… read more »


Behance is a social medial tool directed at the professional design community. It provides a platform for designers to upload work and distribute it to the world wide web. This is an essential tool in the advancement of a designers career and has proven to provide job opportunities to those who utilize it to its… read more »

Pay check pick up

If you are a core member, pay checks can be picked up on the 15th of every month in Art and Design Center 120, otherwise known as the Art Department. In order for you to obtain your check, you will be asked for your ID and will be asked to sign a form to confirm… read more »

Freelance Invoices

Freelancers invoice at the beginning of each month. If you turn in your invoice late you will not be paid or it will be very delayed. You can find the working file and and example of what an invoice is suppose to look like in VISCOM’s Dropbox, just search freelance invoices and you will find… read more »


Flickr is VISCOM’s image library. All our photoshoots end up here. The Flickr link https://www.flickr.com/photos/viscomcenter. The username: viscomcsun@yahoo.com and password: 410Viscom.


LinkedIn is a great place where you can meet and greet other professionals.  LinkedIn is a great networking site where you can find internships and jobs. You can also post your projects on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is similar to Facebook with the exception that Facebook is intended for friends. On the other hand, LinkedIn allows you… read more »


  VISCOM is now on Facebook! if you want to wish to learn more about VISCOM in depth, here are some things that may help you along the way.   1- Always remember to log in into your Facebook account. Like VISCOM so that way you can keep up with VISCOM’s projects and important posts… read more »

Adobe Portfolio

Your probably wondering what is an Adobe Portfolio? Does it cost much? How do I get one? An Adobe Portfolio is a neat way to display your work on your own website without coding ! As for the cost if you already own or rent Adobe Creative Cloud your account already comes with the option… read more »


How do you follow VISCOM center on instagram ? It can be done in 2 simple steps  Search for viscom_center  Follow viscom_ center Once you are following VISCOM center on Instagram you can feel free to post anything affiliated with the VISCOM center. You must remember any VISCOM affiliated posts must be time lined in… read more »


WordPress is a content management system used by the Viscom members. Members are able to view/edit information within the Viscom wiki as well.