Designed by the Viscom team, Snapchat users around the Viscom room are now able to use their own geotag. It is encouraged by all members to follow Viscom on all social media including Instagram and Facebook.

Timesheet Reporting

Process and policy on entering your time monthly as self-reporting core member of VISCOM. Every end of the month students must enter time manually to receive your payment by the 15th of the following month. These steps must be taken seriously as time reporting is a serious process which if done incorrectly can lead to… read more »

Freelance Invoice

The following contains info on how a “Freelancer” invoices VISCOM. “Freelancer” is a title given to VISCOM designers who are not a “CORE” designer and no longer a “volunteer” designer. Freelancers manage projects and clients, and can have as much responsibility as a “CORE” designer but do not report time weekly therefore they invoice VISCOM… read more »