Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a virtual cloud hosting provider that developers can use to host the software they create. In order to make use of Digital Ocean’s services, developers create Virtual Machine (VM) instances referred to as “droplets”. Digital Ocean developers are able to choose their droplets size, the geographical center their droplet runs in, and the linux operating system their droplet runs on. Developers are able to manage their droplets using Digital Ocean’s control panel and open source API. Within the control panel developers have the ability to scale their droplets, rebuild droplets, and perform backups. Developers also have the ability to share their droplets between other users using special team accounts. Digital Ocean features a simple pricing plan that ranges from $5 to $80 per month depending on the amount of storage, processors, and bandwidth transfers developers require. Developers also have the option of adding additional storage to their droplet plans for $0.10/GB per month. Alternatives to digital ocean include Amazon Web Service and Google Compute Engine.