VISCOM is now on Facebook! if you want to wish to learn more about VISCOM in depth, here are some things that may help you along the way.


1- Always remember to log in into your Facebook account. Like VISCOM so that way you can keep up with VISCOM’s projects and important posts on a daily basis.

2- There are THREE VISCOM accounts. One account is ours (The one with the red and white logo) the other one is a X-ray imaging company based in Hannover, Germany, and the third VISCOM is and organization

from Asia. Remember, our VISCOM is the one with the red circle and white letters



Many of VISCOM’s posts consist of projects and activities. For example, VISCOM just visited Europe and posted many updates in their timeline so people can see what they were up to along with many pictures.

N0t only does VISCOM share their experiences but also, it is a great way for former VISCOM students to stay in touch with their former members but also meet the new members.

VISCOM grows with each passing year. If you want to get familiar with the current members, you can see our gallery. Not only does the gallery have photos of our current members, but it also has photos of our former members


So now that you have an idea of what VISCOM’s Facebook page consists, we hope that you enjoy our page and we hope you feel inspired to create!