Once you become a VISCOM member, you’ll receive a VISCOM Gmail account which one of the VISCOM directors will help you set up. Your email will look like this:

When you first get your VISCOM email, you’ll receive a temporary password which you can change afterwards.

Our VISCOM email accounts are our main means of communication between the team and our clients. Only use your email for this purpose – it’s a business email and not intended for your own personal use.

Whenever sending attachments to the team or clients, remember to keep them under 10MB. If the file(s) are larger, upload them to Dropbox/HUB or Google Drive and provide a link to access the file.

You’re free to add a signature to your emails. You can add a signature by logging into and going to Settings > General > Signature.

Below is a VISCOM signature used by majority of the team (Helvetica, 13 pt.):




T 818.677.3022


California State University, Northridge

18111 Nordhoff St  Northridge, CA  91330


Whenever you are emailing back and forth with a client, it is key to always CC Joe or the other directors on correspondence. This lets the directors see whenever you’re communicating with clients and also shows them the progress of a certain VISCOM project.

There are three (3) VISCOM emails you should know: – This email sends to every member that has a VISCOM email – current and past teams. – This email only applies to the current team. Use this email when you want to share/communicate something internally. – Use this email whenever you are tardy or plan to be absent. This email sends directly to the VISCOM directors.

Our VISCOM emails also let us Google Hangout with other members of the team. You can start a hangout conversation with a VISCOM member through (on the left column where your name and icon are visible), or the Google Hangouts app.