How do you follow VISCOM center on instagram ? It can be done in 2 simple steps

  •  Search for viscom_center
  •  Follow viscom_ center

Once you are following VISCOM center on Instagram you can feel free to post anything affiliated with the VISCOM center. You must remember any VISCOM affiliated posts must be time lined in order to keep the profile updated and consistent.

When tagging the VISCOM center Instagram always remember to use these main hashtags:

  • #viscomcenter
  • #viscomfamily
  •  You can use other hashtags that also go along with the post as well after using the main hashtags.
  •  Don’t forget that on Instagram their are options to post on Facebook the same post that you are posting on Instagram. So remember to  add that option as well when doing your daily posts.

Along with VISCOM Instagram other social media must be updated and consistent as well which includes:

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Behance
  • Snapchat