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How do you follow VISCOM center on instagram ? It can be done in 2 simple steps  Search for viscom_center  Follow viscom_ center Once you are following VISCOM center on Instagram you can feel free to post anything affiliated with the VISCOM center. You must remember any VISCOM affiliated posts must be time lined in… read more »


WordPress is a content management system used by the Viscom members. Members are able to view/edit information within the Viscom wiki as well.


Designed by the Viscom team, Snapchat users around the Viscom room are now able to use their own geotag. It is encouraged by all members to follow Viscom on all social media including Instagram and Facebook.


The most terrifying week for viscom. It is a week in which you must attend panels from various topics, workshops to learn new skills some by former viscom people, travel to parts unknown and eat food lots of food. The goal to foster bonds between the team and to find a solution to a problem… read more »

Hi-Rez Event

Hi-Rez is an annual VISCOM/DesignHub exhibition taking place near the end of each Spring semester. The event spans two nights (typically a Friday and Saturday) and is a place for VISCOM designers to showcase their portfolios to potential employers, friends, and family. Food is provided and a cash bar is typically available.   Hi-Rez is split into… read more »

Work Orders

Currently, VISCOM uses Google Docs to write work orders. The work order templates can be found here. In order to create a new invoice, select File > Make a copy… and edit your copy. The first thing you need to do is change the Job Number, which will require you to view the Active Jobs folder in the… read more »


Calendly easily the most important tool used to set up meetings. While basecamp has a functionally to set time and dates it does not notify or make time on peoples calendars. Refer to this link http://calendar.viscomcenter.com/ for what is currently booked and to schedule use this link https://calendly.com/joebautista.


HOW TO SETUP AN INVOICE WITH WAVEAPPS   TABLE OF CONTENTS Get an Account Created I’m logged in, now what do I do? Getting to the Invoice Page Creating an Invoice Work Order Identification Invoice Setup Adding a Customer to Your Invoice Multiples of Same Clients I’m 100% sure my client is NEW Adding Products… read more »


TABLE OF CONTENTS What is Basecamp? IMPORTANT COLORED ZONES (read below!) Where are my Projects? Using pins effectively What are “pings”? What is the “Hey!” tab? What is the Campfire? How do I use messages effectively? Writing a message Posting compositions for internal review What are “To-Do’s”? How do I use the schedule tab effectively?… read more »

Timesheet Reporting

Process and policy on entering your time monthly as self-reporting core member of VISCOM. Every end of the month students must enter time manually to receive your payment by the 15th of the following month. These steps must be taken seriously as time reporting is a serious process which if done incorrectly can lead to… read more »