If you’re reading this, Joe probably asked you to write a proposal for a future client. A proposal is a comprehensive document that explains the way that Viscom operates and outlines the design process, confidentiality parameters, payment plan, and timeline for the project. It is important that the proposal template is read and edited carefully because this is one of the first documents that a client will receive from Viscom.

Where do I get the proposal template?

You will be able to access the proposal template from the Viscom Google Drive. INSERT LINK. Make sure to make a “copy” of the template so you are no editing the original.

What do I do with the proposal template?

Once you have accessed the proposal template, you will insert the appropriate information into the document. You will have to change the information on the cover of the proposal (name of project, client name, project #, and date). In order to figure out the project number you will have to access the Viscom Dropbox:

  1. open “01-jobs-active” folder
  2. scroll to the bottom
  3. make a new folder and title the folder with the next consecutive number for projects, hyphen project name (ex. 161323 – CSUN Sustainability)

Next, you will edit the rest of the proposal document by altering the client name, project name, and pricing details. Joe or Trevor will provide you will all pricing details. You may have to omit specific parts of the proposal template that do not apply to the project you are writing a proposal for. You will have to create your own timeline for the project as well.

What do I do once I am finished writing the proposal?

Generally, once you are finished writing the proposal you will email it to Joe and maybe Trevor to proof read it before you send it to the client.