with HR

When you become a core member, you will need to sign in with the Human Resources Department (if you haven’t worked on campus previously) to become a student assistant.

Firstly, you’ll need to fill out two (2) documents and have them signed by Joe:


You also need to bring identification when you go to Human Resources, which is explained in detail in the 2nd document above. You will need to bring identification from either List A or List B and identification from List C.

After getting the two documents signed by Joe, you will need to visit Deborah Gibby at University Hall 270 on the second floor. Schedule a time to meet with her at her office to sign off on your papers.

Lastly, after all your documents are signed, you will bring your documents and identification downstairs to University Hall 165 where they will ask you to complete more paperwork (go to for more information). Afterwards, you will be officially signed in as a student assistant working for VISCOM.