Timesheet Reporting

Process and policy on entering your time monthly as self-reporting core member of VISCOM. Every end of the month students must enter time manually to receive your payment by the 15th of the following month. These steps must be taken seriously as time reporting is a serious process which if done incorrectly can lead to an audit, lost wages, or employee termination.

Below are steps to make sure your time is input accurately and on time.

1. print this out or fill out digitally the spreadsheet provided every month – sample sheet (pdf)
2. have a director review it or email me a PDF version of it.
3. have a director approve it by signing or emailing you “approved”.
4. enter the hours EXACTLY THE WAY IT WAS APPROVED in the Timesheet Entry online.
5. Enter time on the last two days of the month. NEVER PRE ENTER TIME if possible.

The rules are as follows for entering time:
No Weekends
No Holidays
No more than 8 hours a day
No more than 20 hours a week

Very special note which requires some reference skills:
If the month ends mid week, keep in mind these hours for the following month as these will count towards your 20 hour a week allotment.
In the month started mid week – keep in mind the hours from the previous month as these will count towards your 20 hours week allotment.

Any timesheet errors are a bad reflection on you, me and most importantly VISCOM. We try to not be flagged every month or else we can get audited by HR and the State.

Failure to enter your time correctly consistently can result in wages lost or termination.

If you work as a student assistant elsewhere on campus, these hours count towards your 20 hour a week allotment. Please make sure you do not go over.