Get an Account Created

I’m logged in, now what do I do?

  • Getting to the Invoice Page

Creating an Invoice

  • Work Order Identification
  • Invoice Setup
  • Adding a Customer to Your Invoice
  • Multiples of Same Clients
  • I’m 100% sure my client is NEW
  • Adding Products
  • Creating a New Invoice Entry
  • I found the same product already completed

Saving Invoices and Approval

Finalizing the Invoice Process



Get an Account Created.

Once the VISCOM email has been sent out inviting you to join the VISCOM group on waveapps, you will be able to make an account that is linked in. Creating an account this way will allow the system to automatically add you to the VISCOM group, and make it simple to continue onward and create invoices. Below is a sample image of what the email may look like. All you have to do is click on the highlighted link at the top, create an account, an you’re ready to go!



I’m logged in, now what do I do?

Once logged in take inventory of the screen before as shown below. There is a major key feature you will have to click on in order to access the actual VISCOM page (Highlighted in orange). If you have never used Waveapps before, and are on a  brand new account created from the email you received, you may see a popup like the one shown below. Unless you plan on using Waveapps for your own personal use (which this guide does NOT cover) then click the highlighted area in the picture below in red to cancel the addition of your own personal information.

Once cancelled, click on the higlighted orange area in the picture below in your own browser, to show the drop down menu that will allow you to travel to the VISCOM waveapps page. (The second picture below shows an example)



Getting to the Invoice Page 

Once you click on the VISCOM page link from the steps above, make sure the redirect was successful. In the image below highlighted in green we can see “VISCOM/The Center for Visual Commu…” If you see this on your screen in the highlighted green area, it means you are on the correct page. In order to get to the invoices section and write your first invoice, click on the “Invoices” tab on the sidebar of page (Shown below highlighted in red).



Creating an invoice.

Once on the invoice page, find the “Create an Invoice” button highlighted in orange in the picture below.


Work Order Identification

Before we continue further, you should already know what a Work Order is. If you do not, thne you will need to read the wiki post about work orders, or ask someone for assistance. It is most likely, that you have written this work order yourself at the beginning of the project, and should ahve it save on either your computer, or the google docs system.

With this invoice at hand, take a glance at the example invoice below. Pay very close attention to the highlighted areas.

  • ORANGE: Job Number and Job Name
  • GREEN: Customer, and Contact for this particular project (sometimes the exact same company will have a different contact. In the case of The University Corporation” there are a huge number of clients that VISCOM deals with, so it is VERY important that you note who the client is under the company).
  • RED: We will get to  these in your invoice soon,. but for now locate all of your items on the invoice that have a charge listed next to them. Your invoice may have more than two, and in that case you will need to enter ALL of them. ALL items MUST be entered before you save the invoice!


Invoice Setup

Keeping in mind the information from your work order, will now fill out the invoice’s top section with all the client information that we need. In the area highlighted orange in the image below you will enter the orange data from the work order above. Take the work order number, then follow it by the job name. As an example, the  the picture below you can see that this invoice was named “161270 – Freudian Sip Rorschach Graphics.”

After this image below we will cover the green area, and how to create and add customers.


Adding a Customer to Your Invoice

Adding a previously known customer to the invoice is simple. Find the company name on your work order (The top green box in all caps in the work order example at the start of this section). Once you have the company name, in this case “The University Corporation”. Simply type that into the search field that appears when you click on the “Add a Customer” button.

As stated before The University Corporation has a lot of employees that VISCOM sends invoices too. Shown below is an example of what you will find if you type that into the search bar. Before you choose one of these options, make sure the name under “The University Corporation” says the client you are trying to contact. To find this information had back to your work order, and location the customer name in the contacts section, underneath the job title name.

Once you have ensured both the Company name, and the contact name are the exact same as on your work order, click on that client to add them to the invoice.


Multiples of Same Clients

As you can see in the picture above, and highlighted in the image below sometimes people do not search for clients and instead opt to create the same exact client every singe time they create an invoice.




I am 100% sure my client is NEW.

If your client on the work order does not show up in the list, then the following is the process to create a new client. Start by clicking the “Create a new customer” button highlighted in green in the image below.


After clicking on the “Create a new customer” button, you will see a popup like the image below. Take a look back at your invoice and find the required information on this page and then fill out the fields shown. You will have to fill out the CONTACT and BILLING page BEFORE SAVING.

Once the CONTACT and BILLING pages have been filled out with the correct information from the work order, you can then save the customer.



You should now have an invoice that looks like the one in the image below.



Adding Products

To add products head down to the lower part of the screen, and click on the “Add an Item” button in roughly the center of the screen of the products section. The button is highlighted in red in the image below.


Creating a New Invoice Entry

The first thing you will want to do is refer back to your work order, and find the list of charges that have been apply to this order. In the case of this example we have two items to enter into this invoice “Illustration Concepts”, and “Revisions & File Production”. These two items will have to be entered separately. We will start in order with the “Illustration Concepts” line.

In the image below we can see that there is no item currently in the system for “Illustration Concepts” so we will have to add that ourselves with the button below the text field. Shown below is the text field and the button to create a new entry for the item.


Pay close attention the red highlighted fields in the image below. These MUST be filled out before you continue on with the next few steps. In the description field, keep your descriptions short and concise. I personally like to leave my product descriptions somewhat vague, so the next time someone needs to use it they don’t have to fiddle with it very much and can produce their invoice quicker.

The quantity on these items will almost always be 1 so unless there is ever a time where we have two of something on a  work or, this will probably never be changed. On of the few times that this can change is if the client is being charge by the hour, then you would put “hours worked” in this “Quantity slot.” However for this example we will NOT be touching it.

The price is taken directly from the work order. You should take special care to ensure the price is EXACTLY the same as on the work order. We would NOT want to charge a customer $1,000 when the work order only says $100.

You do not have to worry about the “tax area” just leave that space blank.

When you are done with these steps, you can either click the button to add a new item to the invoice, or you can save the invoice which will be covered in the next section.


I found the same product already completed

If you ever find the exact same product that is on your Work order, refer o the image above for clarification. Go through the exact same process as above without the step for adding the entry from scratch of course. the line will be automatically added with the “product”, “quantity”, and “price” fields already filled out. As good practice you should provide the client with a description in the field is there is not one present.



If both of these are correct (in comparison to your work order) then can safely move onto saving the invoice and moving to the next step.



Saving Invoices and Approval

Once the invoice is complete and you have ensured that all the necessary fields are properly filled out according to your work order you can then save the invoice with the button at the top of the top of the page. Highlighted in orange below is the button to save this estimate to the database. Click on it in your browser to proceed to the next step.


Once saved yo will be show the screen below. Highlighted in the image are a list of items that you should ensure are correct before moving forward.

  • GREEN – Make sure the invoice number an name are the EXACT same as on your work order.
  • RED – if ANYTHING is not correct, you can click on this button to go back to the invoice editor and fix any mistake you made.
  • ORANGE – By scrolling down you wil lbe able to see the finished invoice that will be sent to the customer. This is the perfect time to setup your work order side by side with the invoice and make sure the (1)job name, (2)customer name, (3)customer address, (4)Job number, (5)products, and (6)pricing are all correct.

If everything is perfect, then proceed to the next step.



Once you are certain that the invoice is correct, select the “More Actions” button at the top of the screen. Once the drop down menu opens select the “Export as PDF” option. This is send a dialogue window to save the file to the computer. It is HIGHLY recommended to create a new folder within your job folder on your computer called “Invoices” so you ca keep track of this invoice and find it easier for the final step.



Finalizing the Invoice Process

You’ve done it! the invoice has been created, and you are now ready to get the final sent for approval. As far as waveapps is concerned you are done with that website (unless you need revisions for invoice later).

Take the PDF you just downloaded from the site and attach it to an email and send it to Joe Bautista for review. Joe will take care of the rest, if everything on the invoice is correct. Which if you’ve been following this guide and double checking your steps, should be perfect.